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Sexual Orientation - Normal is in the eye of the beholder...

This is dedicated to the exploration of avenues of sexuality outside the range considered the norm by the so-called “normal” sex practitioner. Inclusion of a topic in this category is not a comment by Basic Instincts on its “normality” or acceptability, merely a reflection of its current status as perceived in western society today.

One of the greatest challanges we faced in creating this category of the website this is defining what topics belong here... Since the same sexual practice can be common place in once group yet jaw-dropping for another, creating formal definitions is no easy task....

With the amount of people practicing sex in this world, the amount of alternative practices varies greatly. From experimenting with blindfolds and restraints, to experimenting with the your own gender, there is no right or wrong in sex, as long as every party involved is a willing participant...

Open your mind and come inside to consider … another zone!

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