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So you're curious...that's good because toys help explore a sexual side of you and that of your partner that wouldn't have been been explored otherwise! Adding both excitement, and stimulation to spice up any sexual relationship. YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD TO PLAY!

Selecting the right toy for you

So you decided to buy a sex toy, and you are not sure what the difference between dildo and a vibrator? Or between water based lube and silicon based lube? Or what the difference between jelly, silicon or cyberskin ? We will try to answer most of your question regarding sex toys, operating sex toys, and how to choose the perfect sex toy for you.

Cleaning and caring for your sex toy

After buying and using a sex toy, it is important also to know how to take care of it.
Store your toys in a cool and dry place, so that the material won't be damages, make sure that you wash them before you store them, and before each use. To clean it just use soap and warm water. Be careful no to dunk a vibrator in water as it will be ruined, make sure that water won't enter the battery compartment or reach the cord area. use a damp cloth to clean around there. Make sure the toy is dry before storing it away.

Using alcohol to disinfect the toy is recommended as well. It is important to clean the toy during the session if it is used on different people, the toy can transmit diseases as well, but it is better to use a condom over the dildo, or vibrator. When using a lubricant use only waster based, and not oil based that might damage the toy.If your toy is made of leather, use a leather conditioning material to protect it. It is also wise to keep an extra set of batteries handy, so that the fun won't end :)


Choosing the right lubricant

There are so many kinds of lubricants (aka lubes) out in the market, and it is important to know what you're buying and using. We use lubrication as a replacement to natural lubrication when needed. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant, which is made mostly of water, and will not harm a condom or a sex toy if is used. (this applies mostly to latex toys, but in doubt it is better to use a water based lube)

A high quality lubricant will be long lasting and won't get sticky.
A lubricant is mostly used for (but not only) anal sex, and the anus does not produce any natural lubricants, and adding lube will assist in the first penetration and to prevent pain. Use a generous amount, and keep the bottle close by to add lube as you go along in needed.

How to tell them apart
A water-based lubricant will say so on it's label, if the label doesn't state that, then the lube is either oil-based or petroleum-based. Oil-based lubes were the common lube in the past, before the water-based ones were introduced and quickly took their place, since they don't smell funny, they don't stain, they are non-greasy, and easily come off with soap and water.

Choosing the right lube is an individual decision, the best is to try out different small size lubes, and once you found your pick, go and shop for a large container. In lubes, you usually get what you pay for, so it might be smart to invest a few extra bucks.
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