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Most people seem to want to have a good relationship. But what does good mean? For one, a good relationship might be when he stops beating her. For another, a good relationship might be that he comes home for dinner on time. One might be that she doesn't berate him in front of his friends. And for another, it might mean that he tells her he loves her at least once a week.

I want people to think beyond "good" and raise their expectations to having a "healthy" relationship. A healthy relationship is filled with love, respect, friendship, consideration, and caring. It's a relationship where a man and a woman are truly best friends as well as lovers.
Too often people settle into relationships that are sometimes destructive, often unhappy, and frequently indifferent. I believe fear keeps people from daring to have more. Sometimes people are afraid to be alone. Sometimes they're afraid to make a change. Sometimes they're afraid to talk about the problems.

Sometimes they're afraid they don't deserve a better relationship. The truth is that everyone deserves a healthy relationship, and it's worth the risk to go for what you want. My goal for you is that you have the best relationship possible.


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