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Sex Toy Travel Tips
December | November

Thinking about travelling? Just because security concerns have increased, there's no reason to leave your favorite toys at home. Here's a few Sex Toy Travel Tips that will see you to your destination with a wink AND a smile.

Maintain a Good Attitude - You can't feel sexy in your hotel room if you are overly annoyed before you get there. These days one pretty much has to accept an increase in security checks, delays, and general tension and an overall decrease in friendly service. We planned for this understandable reality and brought along our own picnic in a carry on bag, that included our favorite Chardonnay in a plastic ginger ale bottle, smoked duck, Russian caviar, crackers and cream cheese and baklava for desert. By the time we got to the hotel we were relaxed, happy, well fed, and ready to jump each other's bones, even after 11 hours of relative chaos.

Put Toys in Checked Bags - Security Personnel randomly ask people to dump their carry-on bags for a thorough inspection and for this reason I recommend you put all your sex toys in your checked baggage. The last thing you want to do is have to explain to armed agents how the only explosion your Pocket Rocket can make is between your legs as a long line of impatient commuters give you the evil eye for not checking your dildos.

Remove the Batteries - It doesn't take much to jostle most vibrator switches into the ON position which would mean your batteries will be spent, not you. And I don't want to even imagine what might happen if baggage personnel detected a pulsating, buzzing, humming sound coming from your suitcase. Use large size zip locks bags and put the batteries in one, toys in the other. This is also a good way to keep your toys clean and apart from the rest of the items in your bag.

Don't Forget the Lube - Lubrication is perhaps one of the most important toy accessories to bring along and it's a good idea to keep Lube and any other gooey stuff tightly zipped into jumbo sandwich bags like your toys and batteries. One idea to prevent spillage is to remove the top and stretch cellophane over the opening and screw the top back on. It creates a tighter seal

Ship the Scary Stuff - For Bondage aficionados, you may just want to ship your handcuffs, chains, whips, floggers and other weapons of "ass" destruction directly to your hotel and have it safely waiting for you when you arrive. I'm afraid some of the awesome Bondage Gear we stock would be too difficult to explain in the middle of a busy airport. One alternative is to bring less scary stuff - check out our line of Furry Floggers - they'll just think you are a naughty bunny or something.

Anyway for what its worth that's my advise for the sexy traveler. I can only say it worked for us as evidenced by the winks and the smiles on our faces and the many new friends we made in the airport terminals from San Francisco to Florida.

Also, be sure to take advantage of our Super Sale. That way, even if security dumps your bags, they'll see that you have high quality sex toys and you therefore must come from a good family - grins.

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